The stories of Noggy Boggy

Thoughts from a God fearing TCK struggling with mental illnesses- Aneurin Howorth

Want to Help?

The purpose of the blog is to help other people, particularly those struggling with mental illnesses or who are TCK’s. The more people we have working towards this the more we will be able to help. This page isn’t because I want people to see the blog, but because I want people to be helped through it.

Here is a series of ways in which you can help people via this blog.

The first help is to share the blogs through social media, particularly Facebook. Most people see the blog see it through social media. Social media is super important for letting people know about the blog and is a great place to get them to start thinking about it. Facebook is the most common way people see the blog, so please use it.

I have just started a YouTube page, so please head over there and subscribe. Although, I will be posting the videos and more here.

The second is to actively talk about mental illnesses. This is something we need to be talking about as much as possible. It is uncomfortable and difficult, but we have so much ground to catch up on before stigma will end.

The third is to give me feedback. I am always looking for new ideas and constructive criticism. The blog exists to help people and the better it is the more it will help. So if you have an idea that might work please let me know! This includes other things that I should add to this list. All advice is welcomed! This could be advice on article themselves (comment below them) or the blog in general.

The fourth is to help get the word out by taking advantage of the internet’s algorithms. There are certain ways that social media, word press, google etc. help promote certain things. One way that would really help this blog is by liking any posts you like, commenting on stuff, even if it is just “good job” or “I disagree.” These things help a lot. Subscribing via WordPress or email also helps with this. It is a positive feed back cycle. The more people are active the more other people will see it. Please do this on YouTube as well if possible.

This is key on social media. Comment and like any posts about the blog to help boost its presence and take advantage of the algorithm. Even if it is a really boring comment, it helps.

The Fifth is to pray for the blog. Pray that is reaches people and that it helps them. Pray for those of us writing that we will always pursue and articulate truth.


Thanks so much! The blog can be difficult for me to work with by myself. It can take a lot out of me, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. So I need all the help I can get 🙂

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