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Thoughts from a God fearing TCK struggling with mental illnesses- Aneurin Howorth


Hello team. My name is Aneurin Howorth (or Noggy Boggy as some know me). I am a Third Culture Kid who lives in Scotland but grew up in East Africa. Unfortunately I support Newcastle United, but enjoy other sports too. If you have any questions about the posts or anything get in touch! I have a history of depression, anxiety and was recently diagnosed with a dissosciative disorder. I think we need to talk about these things. I have a Masters in Psychology of mental health but still get a lot wrong, so please help me out.

Currently, I am trying to get on benefits as my health isn’t good enough to hold down a job at the minute.

The purpose of this blog (apart from helping me understand what is going a bit better) is to help people by sharing stories, particularly about mental health and being a TCK. I want people to try and understand what these things are like so that they don’t have to feel  isolated and so that they can help other people who struggle with them. Just a wee disclaimer, I try my best to get everything right. If you disagree or want to correct me, please do! I need all the help I can get

Hopefully this is just the start of a conversation, ignorance is never an ally.

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  1. I am the father of a TCK/MK (29 yrs old) who has been suffering with mental health issues for the past 6-7 years. She has been undergoing various treatments including trauma counseling (diagnosed with PTSD). She is much improved the last 6 months and I am hopeful that she will soon be well enough to be independent.


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