Pleased to announce that the Connection TCK art gallery is up! Check it out here.

In what has been a unique time our TCK connections have been challenged and celebrated for than ever. How we connect to cultures, places, and people represents our diversity as a people group. The artists have done an excellent job exploring this theme.

We asked cultural Consultant and TCK expert Tanya Crossman to pick out a couple of pieces which were her favorite and represented the theme well. Below are her picks and a wee explanation on why she chose them.

“‘Tell me “사랑해”‘ is a wonderful exploration of how we express love, in words and action. Mel pours a bittersweet beauty onto the page: the desire to be loved in the cultural way with which we identify, mixed with the acknowledgement of love expressed another way.”

“In “Conflicted Connection” Segyo beautifully captures the tentative “rewiring” of repatriation. Her moving box travels across the page, depositing her in a new and yet traditional place. The doors are open as she considers stepping out of her box. A feeling many of us can relate to, I’m sure!”

“I love Jaree’s piece. It’s a beautiful work, exquisitely captured and full of colour. The story behind it, however, is what really brings it to life for me. It helps me understand that through this work, the artist is bridging worlds, seeing relationships expand and stretch and include even through distance. So very, very TCK.”

“The anonymous poem “Bridge” is a great meditation expounding on and expanding a single theme. Acknowledging the WORK that goes into building bridges – engineering and schematics – and how it can be tiring, even lonely, at times. But also, how precious the connections can be.” 

To see the full gallery click here – Connection TCK Art Gallery

Late submissions are still accepted for those who, like me, work on African time.