Wasn’t sure if I left important things out or not. Let me know if I should have added something else.

Hi Team. My name is Noggy and I think its important we talk about mental health. This video is going to be talking about what everyone should know about depression. I’m not going to sit here and give you facts and figures, because I am not the best person for that. I am going to talk about things that, if everyone knew, would make a huge difference to everyone suffering. These are things that are for everyone, both those struggling, and those who are not.


First of all, depression is a very real illness. When you are struggling with depression it can feel like it isn’t a valid illness or a ‘real’ problem. But It is. It is just as valid as something like diabetes. Very different, but legitimate none the less.

If we treat depression like a real illness it will make it easier for people talk about it, go to the doctor and therapists for treatment, and it will help fight stigma.

Viewing depression as just a case of bad attitude or a normal tough time invalidates the great suffering it causes. As well as that, it is just incorrect. This is a very real medical issue. Just because it is a mental health problem, does not mean it is not as real or legitimate as other illnesses.


Depression means change. It changes people in often challenging and frustrating ways. To see what I mean, just have a look at the list of symptoms. 

Lower mood than usual

Change In sleep pattern

Change in energy levels

higher levels of anxiety than usual

Drop in Sex drive

Loss of interest in things

The symptoms look different for everyone, but they all involve a very difficult change. This can cause a loneliness, frustration, and perhaps struggles of identity. It sucks. Nobody wants these changes, but it what depression does. If you are changing because of depression, don’t beat yourself up. It is a normal part of the illness. You are not alone in this.


People struggling with depression need help. First thing to say here is that everyone needs help. We all struggle with life. But as with any other medical problem, sometimes you need help with more things during a time of illness.

Speaking of help, there is really good treatment for depression. Particularly with medication and talking therapies. Both are effective despite being challenging. They can get the job done, but it might take a while. But they are both definitely worth it. As with any other illness, we need professional medical help.

Also, The community has a role to play in helping people with depression. It might look like extra effort to make sure that people struggling don’t feel lonely, or it might just be helping them do dishes when they are out of energy.

Finally, everyone with depression needs friends, particularly people who they can talk to. I know as a guy it is tough to talk about emotions, but it is so important!


Nobody wants to talk about depression. If you are suffering from depression it is difficult to understand and make sense of the pain, let alone articulate it to others. This means that people who haven’t struggled with depression might not have an idea about how difficult depression can be because it is so hard to talk about it.

It can also be easy to underestimate the damage caused by stigma towards mental illnesses. We all contribute to stigma, and it can only be fought by honest, healthy, and holistic conversations about mental illness. Everyone has a role to play in fighting stigma.


People do get better from depression. Most people do heal. It is a long and difficult road requiring help from lots of people. If you are struggling, have hope! It might feel like all is lost, I’ve been there, but there is always hope. Combinations of changing contexts, mdedicine, and therapy can make a world of difference.

Thank for watching. Hopefully, you are asking yourself, ‘What can I do?’ to help. If you are struggling, keep fighting. It is a very real and difficult fight. Reach out to others in any way that you can. Get professional help whenever possible.

If you aren’t struggling, please share this video and keep having conversations about mental health. I know from my own experience it is so encouraging to know I don’t have to fight it alone.