We have a another TCK art gallery coming in April 2019, ‘Identity & Belonging!’ This year we will be accepting submissions on the theme of ‘Identity & Belonging.’ We are looking for any artistic medium that expresses what this theme means as a TCK. This gallery will be a place where we can celebrate our culture and what it means to us. Please get creative as you explore this topic. Some potential (but not limiting) ideas are poetry, fashion, painting, photography, songs, or written work.

If you haven’t already, check out the gallery from last year ‘Home and Rootlessness.’we. We had many fantastic submission showing creativity and passion. Here is one of the submissions from last year to give you a wee taste from a TCK who lived in Kenya and America.

Spencer King – Home is like a collage. It is built by all the different places, things and memories we have gathered throughout life. It isn’t always one place and it isn’t always one building. Up close it looks like disjointed memories but from far away it appears as something beautiful to behold.

This year Tina Quick will be picking out a few pieces which she thinks are particularly poignant. Tina is a cross-cultural trainer, international speaker, and an adult TCK. She works works with international transition for a living and has a wealth of rich insights into the TCK experiences. Her book A Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition has helped many TCK’s, myself included, with a difficult transition.

The Guidelines are as follows-

  • The submission date will be the 26th of April with the pieces going on the website on the 29th of April. Late submissions are encouraged and accepted, but will not be considered by Tina.
  • Please include a 50-100 word summary of your piece, and why it represents the theme (If you wish to include a longer analysis it will not show up next to the piece, but will have a link to it so people will still be able to access it).
  • All submissions must be in electronic format. Please take a picture/send a video/send a file in the highest quality possible.
  • Submissions in any language are encouraged. Don’t feel pressure to provide a translation. However, if there isn’t one I will find a fluent speaker to help provide a suitable one. If this is the case I will get in touch to ensure that the translation is suitable for your art.
  • Submissions may be previously existing peices, but must be your own.
  • If you want to include your name then we will give you the credit with your work on the website. However, anonymous submissions are also accepted.
  • If you are not a TCK but still wish to contribute that is acceptable as long as it reflects on your experience of TCK’s and ‘Identity & Belonging.’

For any questions regarding anything please email noggybloggy@gmail.com