Being a TCK can be tough. Blessings tend to come dancing along with a curse, an inseparable partner. For every smooth turn there is a twisted ankle. Exquisite pirouettes seen with bone crunching falls. Because these challenges start at such a young age it is often all we know. We may lack the opportunity to learn to tools required for processing the difficulties we face.

Travelling can be beautiful and exciting. Living in many places allows us to have experiences no one else will ever have. We are a beautiful mosaic of cultures and places. A flowing, unique, and exciting rhythm driven to the beat of change.

However, this change hurts. Any attempt to lay roots or find a home is often met with a stumble. We lack the security of repetition. The peace where home should be spirals into confusion. We struggle to find where we belong, with feelings of being unsettled never more than a thought away. Relationships, places, languages, and more are stripped from our hearts grasp.

Home is a very complex topic for us. We struggle to identify with places or countries as home. The concept seems abstract on a good day, and pointless on a tough one. We tend to reach out to others. Without a place to embed our roots, we tend to tangle them with other people, friends, family, and other TCK’s.

This Art Gallery is about exploring these ideas.

Home is a painful topic as many of the people have shown. The constant moving and transition leaves us with nowhere to belong. We can be aliens no matter where we go.

For some of us home is associated with a place which has gone and will never return. It is a longing for what has been and the securities that it offered.

Many of the art pieces show that relationships tend to play an important role in our concept of home. Our sense of belonging is tied up with loved ones.

For all of us it is a deeply important and confusing topic. It can cause all sorts of pain and uncertainty and so is a topic that needs to be addressed. This gallery contains the insights of many brilliant, inquisitive, and articulate thinkers. Some of them I know, others I will probably never meet. There work is inspiring and enlightening. Not only have they processed the topic themselves, but have helped all TCK’s with starting to understand our place in the world.

At the start of planning this gallery I asked Michèle Phoenix, a TCK expert and author, to help pick out three pieces that stood out to her. In no particular order here are her picks. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Online TCK Art Gallery!


“A powerful image that depicts the connective human experience of being a TCK.”

KB image
“Profound symbolism and meaning. It seems to express enduring, learning and engaging. “
AG 1
“A rich, multi-layered expression of the complexity, contrast, loss and beauty of the TCK experience.”

A massive thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the three artists whose work is above. Please share the gallery page on social media and with any TCK’s that you know. Feel free to comment any suggests for future projects or to get in touch with the artists.



Thanks to Amelia Gibson for providing the cover photo!